Most Common Workers’ Comp Injuries for Construction Workers

Construction work is an incredibly important and valuable field. Construction workers create the framework of our community by building everything from office buildings to schools to hospitals. Just about anywhere you go, you will be looking at the handiwork of construction workers. Skilled construction can make the difference between an unsafe building and a safe space for the community.

Although safety is a priority, construction sites can be dangerous. Statistics show that construction workers face a 75% chance of suffering a disabling workplace injury over the course of their career. Most construction workers experienced some form of injury or illness related to their jobs during their lifetime. With risks like this, it’s clear that workers’ compensation is an important topic for those in the field of construction.

Being injured on the job site never a pleasant experience. Workers in construction trades may know the risks that come with their job description. However, this does not make managing an injury any easier. Workers’ compensation can help injured construction workers provide for their families while they recover from job site injuries.

When it comes to workers’ comp, there are many different types of injuries your employer should cover. The construction field in particular can lead to a variety of accidental or repetitive exposure injuries for workers. These are the 3 most common types of workers’ comp injuries that construction workers can face:

Common Workers’ Comp Injuries for Construction Workers

Falling Injuries

Construction sites often include tall scaffolding. Workers face a risk of falling from this scaffolding and becoming injured on the job. It’s also possible to fall from buildings themselves during the building process. Equipment operators who have to work from forklifts and other machinery run a risk of falling. It’s clear that construction projects include a fall risk for construction workers.

After a fall at work, injured construction workers may experience permanent disability. If the fall causes paralysis or permanent damage, you may be unable to continue full time employment as a construction worker. This can impact your quality of life and your ability to support yourself. Even minor falls can leave you unable to work for a long period of time. Lost wages are a serious issue for many who live paycheck to paycheck.

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, falling is the most common cause of fatal injury for construction workers. The majority of fatal falls for construction workers are from the roof of a building. In the case of death due to workplace injury, workers’ compensation can cover funeral expenses and unpaid medical bills. This lets construction workers’ families focus on grieving rather than on financial concerns.

In any of these cases, workers’ compensation coverage can help you continue to support your family even if you can no longer work as a construction worker.

Workers’ comp coverage for construction workers includes lost wages as well as coverage for any medical treatment. In the case of wrongful death, workers’ compensation helps your family grieve without worrying about money.

If you suffered a fall injury during a construction job, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you get all the compensation you deserve. They can help you file properly and keep track of all the important dates related to your fall injury.

Falling Injuries workers compensation

Crushing Injuries

Construction companies do as much as possible to ensure safety on the job site, but accidents still happen. When you work in construction, you move heavy objects for buildings. If these are dropped by machinery or by workers, they can crush other construction workers. It’s also possible for scaffolding to collapse, which can cause crushing injuries as well. A building itself can even collapse and cause a workplace injury.

Similar to falling injuries, crushing injuries can have long-term complications. An object can fall on any part of a construction worker’s body, causing a wide variety of issues. If a crushing injury affects a worker’s legs, they may be paralyzed and unable to work. Medical costs for this type of injury can be staggering. Construction workers deserve proper compensation for their necessary medical treatment.

Crushing injuries, since they affect the body is so many different ways, have a long recovery time. Construction workers should not have to lose out on wages due to a workplace injury. Workman’s comp allows these construction labor workers to heal without financial concerns. In California, your construction company employer must cover medical costs due to a workplace injury.

Sadly, crushing accidents are also a potential cause of death for construction workers. Workers’ compensation does not only cover treatment costs for an injured worker. If a worker dies due to their construction worker job, their family should not have to worry about money while grieving. Workers’ compensation ensures families of construction workers get funeral costs and unpaid medical bills covered in the case of accidental death.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Not all common injuries for construction workers are dramatic, one-time events. Workers’ compensation claims also cover injuries from repeated exposure in the workplace. Construction workers perform hard physical labor, and over time this can have a negative effect on the body. Repetitive motion injuries can come from lifting heavy items or performing the same task repeatedly.

Repetitive motion injuries for construction workers may require medical intervention. The physical tasks involved in construction labor can cause damage to joints, for example. Construction workers can also suffer back pain. Down the road, those in construction trades may require knee replacements, back surgeries, or other expensive medical treatments.

Repetitive motion injuries

Many people have a misconception that workman’s comp is only for accidents. However, California law specifically includes exposure injuries under the definition of workers’ compensation. This includes chemical exposure leading to illness as well as repetitive motion causing damage to the body over time.

Construction workers have a right to workers’ comp coverage for repetitive motion injuries. Since these injuries are not one-time emergency events, it can be more difficult to know what dates they occurred. This information is necessary, however, to get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. Because of the complicated nature of claims for repetitive motion injuries, having a workers’ comp attorney is essential. A lawyer can help you determine when your medical problems began. This helps you get the most benefits possible.

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